The Goalkeeper

Name: Kurt

Position: Goalkeeper, Center ForwardKurt 2

Goals: 1 can you believe?

Cards: 0


Matches W/D/L: 10/1/1

Nickname: Fred Flintstone

Reason for Nickname: Besides the resemblance, you can’t tell their run apart

Lowlights of Season: Being benched for going fishing over a crucial game

Highlights of Season: Scoring a goal

Brief: Probably had one of his best seasons in recent history pulling off some surprising and acrobatic saves, but mostly because he famously scored a goal instead of letting one in. Known to single-handedly have kept the bar afloat season after season, this drinking prodigy has left many a man at his wife’s front door whilst wheel spinning his escape down the road. The lad is known throughout the Western Cape as “Organiser par  Excellence”. Is said to have organised anything from a grader to a Tequila in seconds, depending on who he is hosting. Can get grumpy if the team is losing or is winning as the case may be, because then he doesn’t see any action. Is also infamous for arranging other kinds of action (nudge nudge wink wink, say no more)