Match 1-DBFC vs Chelsea


Afternoon Ladies

Well now, what is there to say about the brawl that was classified as a season opener? Even me, the most cynical, sarcastic person I know, struggled to find anything humorous about Saturday’s game. Between Richard putting everyone into shock by walking away with his head held high after being taken down with a tackle Henry Honiball would’ve been proud of, and Stuart walking away with dignity after being sent off by his own manager, it’s hard to castigate anyone. And on top of it, the Gupta brothers left over the weekend and our target sponsor for the year with it. Thank goodness we still have our backup sponsor Houwhoek Inn on standby. For those who have had the good fortune of spending a Saturday evening at the Inn, you will know that dancing takes centre stage (pun intended) at Houwhoek and Stephane is always willing to lead (again, pun intended).

Match 1

After the game it was veteran Clive who said that we came to play a social game and had to face a side hungry for a win… it was a wake-up call. Having said that, I am glad Clive didn’t have a mirror because this is what he would have seen…

Match 1-1

On the other hand, young Richard took the game back to them and wasn’t going to stand off for anyone. Having survived a few rough tackles himself, he decided to get back at them…

Match 1-2

Dave, with his first goal in 760,435 games, wasn’t as lucky and had to take deep breaths following a committed tackle.….

Match 1-3

Come second half and Richard was determined to get something out of it. Unlike Clive’s dive which started around the half-way line and ended up over the goal line and still didn’t get anything, Richard’s dive at least had some class….

Match 1-4

Ten minutes from the end and all hell broke loose with Stuart looking to land a couple of blows on an unruly opposition. I intervened and told him to leave, only to turn around to see Dereck giving poor Mike a lashing with his tongue. I sent him off too only to be told later I was too hasty and Dereck was actually the good guy. My apologies Dereck. Dereck didn’t take it well though..

Match 1-5

Finally, our goalie who just doesn’t quit, no matter what….

Match 1-6

Well done lads on pulling that one through. A 2-1 win at home with a cracker opener from Richard from just outside the box along the ground but at pace. The free-kick into the box from Dave saw our forwards rushing the goalie. He felt like he was on the platform of a mid-karoo station as the train went by causing him to forget about the ball completely which ultimately ended up in the back of the net. It wasn’t pretty but we’ll take the 3 points!

Our next game is on Friday night against Durbanville away. Scheduled time is 20h30 but I have asked if we can kick off early.

Have a good week!!!


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