Getting the ladies registered


Morning Ladies

I trust you all had a good Easter and didn’t eat too many Easter eggs. Although having said that, some of you still look like you ate the Easter Bunny himself :-/

Onto the serious stuff…. De Beers received an e-mail from the CTTFA about the Over 45’s and the structure of the leagues. I’ll spare the gory details but the essence of the mail states that we are in the “C” league again this year with the only difference is that it is now a competitive league. There are several implications as a result. Firstly, it is not a social league which means team returns and cards again! Everyone therefore has to be registered to play and to date we only have around 6 registered players with our first game 11 days away. You lads have to get your sh*t sorted this week!  Remember that it takes about 2 weeks to get the cards so I’m not sure how this is going to play out (pun intended).

Another implication is that if we want to play “B” league again, we’re going to have to earn it by winning the league. That means we need to field a competitive side and have some spares on the sideline. I would encourage you to get down to practice and make an effort to do some running or gym or whatever blows your hair back to get fitter. All the other sides are practicing and I won’t have us coming anywhere below 2nd place!

Practice tomorrow night in Gavin’s back garden. Make an effort lads




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