Games schedules for Friday nights :-O


Hello Ladies

It is of little wonder I call you ladies because the reaction I have had from the below mail is equivalent to a dorm of girls showering and a dirty old man running into the change rooms to flash… everyone screaming and diving for cover.

Okay, okay, I get it, you lot don’t want to play on a Friday night. I have taken the issue up with our honourable chairperson and his nominated representative to make our case at CTTFA. We’ll do whatever we can to have it changed, even if we go all the way to the constitutional court. So in the words of the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy….”Don’t panic!”

Seriously, whilst I love my soccer, the idea of having to travel to Cape Town on a Friday night after work, play soccer, have a refreshment or 17, and travel the gauntlet home facing possible road blocks and thugs using my car as target practice isn’t very appealing to me either. But there are only 10 teams which means a maximum of 9 trips this year, the rest are home games. And, should we fail at our appeal at the CTTFA, we can always move the games between managers. I’m on your side here!

#don’tbeagirl   #debeersforBleague

So let’s keep those chins up, even if it is only one of those chins and with a beer mug too.

Practice tonight at 19h45, please make an effort to be there. You need it almost as much as me!

Have a nice day now!


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