First practice…


Hello Ladies

We are getting together for a training session next Saturday afternoon at 15h30. It’s on an astro-turf type outdoor court so no need to worry about bringing a panga to scout through the grass at De Beers. Please don’t arrive at 15h29 and expect to be on the pitch at 15h30 as there are security procedures that you need to follow. We’ll have an hour game and a braai afterwards accompanied by some orange juice, or beer or water…as you deem fit. Bring your own dop ‘n tjop.

We’re in the B league again this year so we need to get some practice in and more players. Currently we have a potential of 15 and our head scout Clive has already recruited Gavin, a former midfield star. Given Dave’s gammy legs, we may however need more players. Persuade old team mates and new alike to come down and meet the lads. Who knows, the lads might even talk to them…. :-/

We also have the court on Wednesday evening from 20h00 to 22h00. The Saturday is non-negotiable, as you need to attend to be considered for the first team squad :-O but if you can make the Wednesday evening practice as well, you’ll be one step ahead, literally.

Please see if you can at least respond…


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