First Practice Game


Morning Ladies

Hope you have all recovered from the weekend, especially those who played for the rest, well let’s leave it at that.

Despite my trepidation about agreeing to a friendly knowing that I have only 7 players, we managed to field a full side on Saturday. From the way we played we still looked like we had only 7 players on the park. Warren claims he ran over 27,000 steps….granted they are those of a midget and a normal-sized person probably would’ve covered the distance in 9000 steps, it was nevertheless a good effort by the lad. There were clear signs of those who smoke and drink too much suffering from a lack of fitness but I won’t mention Stevie’s name in case I embarrass him. But we are clearly off the pace and need to up our game a tad because YMO aren’t a top of the table team but they are clearly fit having been practicing with 3 friendlies under the belt already. Be that as it may, it was a paradigm shift of where we are and how much we still have to go. Having said that, there were spells of promise and some signs of old talent coming to the fore. With a little more practice plus the return of some faces who were m.i.a. on Saturday, I think we will do better. We did have our chances and Clive has promised to introduce me, Dereck and Abel to a set of nets during the week.

We appealed the Friday night games and managed to have all our Home games moved to a Saturday. The rest of the games (all 9 of them) are still on Friday nights at 7. Note that we play 1 home game and 1 away game. I know this is a challenge for many but it is only 9 games lads and every second weekend at that. It also frees up your Saturdays to come down to support the 1st team or stay at home and watch Man United play or watch paint dry, if you can tell the difference. But if you see this as an insurmountable challenge, please let me know so I can remove your name from the list. I don’t want you ladies to think you can play the convenient home game and be unavailable for the away games, it doesn’t work like that. If you are in, you are in, balls and all, no crying like a girl because you have to travel on a Friday night. I will endeavor to change the games where possible.

There are two and a half weeks until first game and we have two people who have registered, myself and Warren. I’m not licking anyone’s this year and Laurel has taken on a different role as well so she ain’t gonna either. So print out the forms, complete them and scan and send them in with proof of your registration payment. We do not have much time!!

Please let me know if you have any problems with the forms :-/ or the fees.


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