First Practice Analysis


Hello Ladies

We had great turnout on Wednesday night for practice. Some would say that it was a better turnout than what we get for most of our games :-/

In any event, it was a good workout for most. The usual set of diehards pitched with Warren bleating like a goat set out to pasture too early because his pedometer was questioning whether or not it was being lent out to a professional runner for the night. Gonzo refused to leave the arena wanting more practice which resulted in Dereck poach-in-the-goal-mouth-area-the-whole-night Tame, suggesting that Gonzo is using EPO and insisting blood and urine tests should be introduced to remove the scourge of doping in over 45’s practice.

Newby Gavin said he walked like a spatchcock chicken for the rest of the week and was offered a parking spot in the disabled parking when he went to try buy morphine for the pain at Dischem on Thursday. Almiro put in a guest appearance and looked like he was practicing for a ballet appearance at Artscape doing pirouettes, twists and turns with grace and flair. Clivey pumped his arms as he trundled up and down the court looking like a steam engine, and with the cool night air on his sweaty forehead showing signs of condensation, didn’t look dissimilar from one too. Dave was his usual unassuming self until he was cornered with the ball at his feet, facing the fence. A couple of hacks at his ankles turned him into a Samurai warrior and despite being floored, he came back slicing calves and Achilles from his horizontal position. In comparison to that lot, Stuart seemed like the only normal person which is a whole new low for the side.

Practice will be in Gavin’s back yard on Wednesday evening again at 19h45…don’t forget security might frisk for steroids Richard. All welcome even if you prefer playing on a corrugated iron pitch.

Games are due to start in mid-April so we’d best be getting some practice in.


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