First game


Hello Ladies…

The time has finally arrived and you now have an irrevocable, unfettered reason for being out of the house on Saturday afternoon. Yes, come Saturday 14h00, the first kick-off to the 2016 over 45 season begins and the curtain will open on a fixture that will separate the men from the boys, the fit from the unfit, the winners from the losers, the big from the small, the thin from the fat, the…. never mind, you get the drift. Invite your spouse, your children, family and friends, in fact anyone who needs a reason to drink on a Saturday afternoon to come support.

Kick off against Chelsea, PROMPT at 14h00 at home, no Dave, not in Heritage Park, De Beers football ground. Be there at 13h26 LATEST (Dereck )!

As usual, let me know or ignore me on your availability for the game but either way, don’t let me down!!!

Practice in Gavin’s back yard tomorrow night at 20h00 but it will be an easy one.

NB-Remember to bring the team shirt with that you never returned to the kit bag last year and R40 (gone up since $/R took a plunge) to finance the Snoek, salads, beers for the opposition and my Canary Islands bank account recently uncovered by the Panama Papers.

Finally, a huge thank you to the effort from one and all to get yourselves registered. It’s been a great response, even if I completed the forms for you :-/.

I’m psyched for this year….!!!!!


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