Anyone for footie?

18 /01/2016

Prosperous New Christmas and a Merry Happy Year to you all. I hope you all had a good rest from the strenuous season last year and and enjoyable time with family and friends.  I trust you didn’t eat too much so that you can’t fit into your XXL shirt this season. Which reminds me, I received a call from Fritz about his Over 40’s, (who incidentally are still trouncing around beating their chests as if they won the club world cup), about practice. It starts on the 2nd  of February, 19h00, Spoornet time. He encouraged us to join. Personally I am keen simply to see Fritz between the sticks again because mathematically, Fritz in his goalie shirt last year + Christmas + New Year = Fritz wearing the goalie shirt as a scarf this year instead. I digress.

The brave German is nevertheless highly enthusiastic about his chances of winning the Club Captains prize again this year and invited us to join his mob for practice from above date going forward. I also understand that the club needs to make commitments about teams entering this year’s leagues so the club needs indications of number of teams per age-group by March. I also suggested last year that the Over 45’s should play in the B league this year (if possible), so I need some indication of interest and availability this year. Please indicate if you are interested in playing this year and how much. Dave has already indicated he is available for the first 5 minutes of every home game provided it’s not raining and he doesn’t have to run. At all. For anything. And only if there are beers as an incentive.

I am still not sure if I will be managing the Over 45’s this year but I thought I might at least start the ball rolling (pun intended) so that our committee can proceed with registration.

Please feel free to give input into this year’s team management. Or not, like last year, as the case may be.


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