A Word from the Chairman…


Our Chairman Jason responded to my request to play in the “B” league…

Quote” Thank you Bruce.

Your request to play in the 0/45 B league will be forwarded to the association.

Playing at a more competitive level however will require more commitment from your team & I appeal to all that are planning on playing this season to join up with Fritz’s gang on Tuesday & Thursday evenings as much as possible to get a bit of physical conditioning in before the season starts.

One can surely link Fritz’s efforts in getting his team down to training sessions as often as possible last season with their cup success & I don’t accept that players stop wanting to win just because they may be over a certain age!

Look forward to seeing you all down this season.” Unquote

My Response…

Well there you have it lads…. Our honourable Chairman has given his SOTA (State of the Team Address) and is encouraging us all to attend training on a Tuesday and Thursday nights. If we can make it at 19h00 to 21h00, we can start with a few laps to warm up, do some push ups, sit ups and then complete some drills. We can finish it off with a game against the cup-winners from last year and beat them (again).

Seriously Jason, and with respect to you as our Chairman, the tradition of the Over 45’s isn’t to practice or win the league, but to keep up the social and traditional side of the club. We have ensured the tradition of hosting Saturday braais after games has been continued to inter alia, support the bar and maintain relationships with other clubs. We’re also only capable of playing once or twice a week which if continued, inevitably leads to injuries. With the current crop of over 45’s remaining with the Over 40’s, we have to play the same players which are now mostly in their early 50’s. It would be nice to have fresh blood but there you go…

For the record, we played in the B league two years ago when the average age was higher than the current one and we got to the semi-finals, almost taking it from the league winners. What’s more, last year’s “trial run” of the “C” league ended in a league of 6 teams which meant we only played every 3 weeks tantamount to a disaster for senior citizens who require a game weekly to get some level of fitness going. Nevertheless, I will encourage the lads to come down, but I cannot escape from the picture below which comes to mind…




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