Morning Ladies

Just when you thought it was safe to look at your mail again….

Herewith below please find our fixtures for the year. For reasons unknown to me and perhaps only our dogged and determined leader J”F”K can advise us on, we are in the “C” league. However, on the upside, there are 10 teams and given Clive and Stuart’s midweek gripes about calves and Achilles’ problems, combined with Dave’s gammy hips, we’ll be lucky to make all 20 games. But let’s give a fight to make our way up to the B league this year!

So do the normal thing and delete the mail and look surprised when I tell you we have a game on the weekend. Alternatively, plan birthdays, weekends away, or even get a spider to bite you and make sure it coincides with a game. Alternatively, you can do something different this year and check your game schedule before you make any commitments!!!

#apathymustfall  #debeersforBleague

Date Home Team   Away Team Venue
08/04/16 03-G3 -DE BEERS vs 01-G3 -AVENDALE De Beers Somerset West A
15/04/16 04-G3 – FN RANGERS vs 03-G3 -DE BEERS FN Rangers FNB Staduim A
22/04/16 03-G3 -DE BEERS vs 10-G3 -WEST END U De Beers Somerset West A
29/04/16 08-G3 -YMO ST LUKES vs 03-G3 -DE BEERS YMO st Lukes
13/05/16 03-G3 -DE BEERS vs 09-G3 -EDGEMEAD  De Beers Somerset West A
20/05/16 05-G3 -OLD MUTUUAL vs 03-G3 -DE BEERS Old Mutual Mutual Park A
27/05/16 03-G3 -DE BEERS vs 06-G3 -QUEENS PARK De Beers Somerset West A
03/06/16 07-G3 -TABLE VIEW vs 03-G3 -DE BEERS Table View Table View A
10/06/16 03-G3 -DE BEERS vs 02-G3 – BOTHASIG B De Beers Somerset West A
17/06/16 01-G3 -AVENDALE  vs 03-G3 -DE BEERS Avendale  Field Crescent B
24/06/16 03-G3 -DE BEERS vs 04-G3 – FN RANGERS  De Beers Somerset West A
01/07/16 10-G3 -WEST END U vs 03-G3 -DE BEERS West End U Park B
15/07/16 03-G3 -DE BEERS vs 08-G3 -YMO ST LUKE De Beers Somerset West A
22/07/16 09-G3 -EDGEMEAD vs 03-G3 -DE BEERS Edgemead G/W Edgemead A
29/07/16 03-G3 -DE BEERS vs 05-G3 -OLD MUTUAL De Beers Somerset West A
05/08/16 06-G3 – QUEENS PARK  vs 03-G3 -DE BEERS Queens Park
19/08/16 03-G3 -DE BEERS vs 07-G3 -TABLE VIEW De Beers Somerset West A
26/08/16 02-G3 – BOTHASIG B vs 03-G3 -DE BEERS Bothasig Abe Sher C

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