The Vacant Lot 45+

Team Photo

Back L->R: Councillor, The Godfather, Ronald Koeman, Satchmo, Fred Flintstone, Dereck Anything-but-Tame; Dr. Hunt

Front L->R: Mighty Mouse, Spike, George, Krusty, Bob-the-Builder, Spongebob, Freddie Mercury

Missing: Penguin, Denzel Washington, The Thug, Capt. Jack, Sammy Sam, Popeye

Warning! If you have stumbled across this page by accident, leave while you still can.

This blog was created as a painful but humerous reminder of the De Beers Over 45 soccer side during the winter of 2016. It has appropriately been named Vacant Lot 45+, for reasons which became apparent as the season went by. The stories and events written here are based on true stories, though plausible, are somewhat unbelievable.

For some, it will be to share with family and friends in a sadistic attempt to entertain them, much like photos of great grandchildren are shown to neighbours who are only over to ask if Johnny can turn the noise down. For others it is stored for time immemorial , to bore grandchildren and torture children, but for the most, to blackmail and extort fellow teammates about their antics and performance, or in some cases, non-performance as it were.

Most players have been given nicknames, partly because they were well-suited but mainly because at our age, it’s harder to remember people’s names than it is nicknames.

Again, don’t go any further, leave now…


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